ENT Surgical Microscopes

ENT Surgical Microscopes
Opto-Fine Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

ENT Surgical Microscopes ( Model : OPTO – SM 1 )

ENT Surgical Microscopes Specially designed for ENT surgeons.
Dual beam technology offers exceptional clarity in depth, reduces glare on surgeon’s eye.
Multilayer coated optics eliminates eye strain during surgery.
A smooth drum selector offers choice of the five different  magnification with parafocality.
The ergonomically designed titable preloaded  mechanism  help the surgeon to balance microscope head horizontally, vertically & laterally without help of any knob clamping.
Single knob operation for emergency switch over to stand by light source.
Optional accessories like Beam splitter assembly, T.V. relay lens system, Monocular demo tube, 1.5x magnifying attach. for T.V. relay, Stand either of Table or Wall mounted, Motorized fine focusing  is available.

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